Canvas Replacing Blackboard beginning Fall 2020

Blackboard courses will not be created, nor will students be populated in Blackboard, via Banner this fall. The entire institution will be using Canvas for academic courses starting Fall 2020. 

Preparing for Canvas

Canvas “personal sandbox course” — practice with Canvas and develop your course now

Faculty or staff members, who have accepted an invitation to Canvas via Faculty Development Track 1 or 2, have access to a personal “sandbox” course.  If you are currently enrolled in Track 1 or 2 and do not see your personal sandbox course, please email amacdougall@newhaven to request a sandbox course.

We will offer Faculty Development Track 2 again starting July 20 – to register, please click here.

This Track will cover the following topics as well as an introduction to Canvas

Designing eLearning Courses
Support and Success of the Online Learner
Designing Engaging Discussions Using Multiple Tools
Engaging Students with Assignments and Assessments
Using the Grade Center
Course Facilitation Strategies

Optionally, you can enroll in Track 3. We will create a sandbox course for you to practice using Canvas. Please note that Track 3 does not include the extensive pedagogical information offered in the other tracks.  Please click here to register for Track 3.

If you do not sign-up for Track 2 or 3, you will not have access to the Canvas Training Portal until Canvas is fully implemented this Fall. 

Anything you develop in your sandbox can be copies to your Fall 2020 course. We will be providing information within each Track with details about this process.

Faculty Canvas Training Opportunities

  1. Canvas Instructor Guides – find step-by-step instructions for everything in Canvas.
  2. Canvas Training Services Portal – log into Canvas and click on the Help icon (question mark) on the Canvas Global Navigation Menu. The Learning Library contains on-demand videos and the Training Calendar offers live sessions. There are over 70 different opportunities for live training each month. Register for any live session that meets your interest and schedule.
  3. We are continuing with Track 1 and 2 where we will provide pedagogical support as well as provide some Canvas training and answer many questions during the synchronous sessions.We will offer Track 2 again starting July 20, for more information please click here. Track 3 will provide anyone not already registered in Track 1 or 2 updates on training opportunities and access to the Canvas Training Portal.
  4. Join the MS Team site, “Teaching @UNH”, where you can ask questions and share resources about teaching.

Moving to Canvas

Course Copy from Canvas Sandbox/Migration from Bb to Canvas

There are two pathways to quickly populate your Fall 2020 courses in Canvas: (a) migration from Blackboard and (b) course copy from your Canvas sandbox course.

Please do not request both the Blackboard migration and the Canvas Course Copy for your fall course as this would cause duplication of content.

Migration from Blackboard to Canvas

All online and courses created from a blueprint course (a copy of a master course created for multi-section courses) will be migrated so you do not need place a request for these courses.  

You must contact your Associate Dean to request that your Blackboard Fall 2019 or Spring 2020 course be migrated to your Canvas Fall 2020 course. 

We are migrating content just for Fall 2020 at this time. We will migrate additional content after the launch of Canvas. Your content within the Blackboard Learning Management System will be available after the migration to Canvas so you will not lose any Blackboard course content. Content migrated will include items such as Syllabus, Modules/Content, Assignments, Rubrics, and Kaltura videos.  Migration will be completed by August 1.

Canvas Course Copy

Anything you develop in your Canvas sandbox course can be copied to your Fall 2020 course. Email to place your course copy request with the name of your sandbox course, the destination course, section, and term, and any special instructions.

Other Important Information

Multiple Section Courses

Course coordinators can create a Canvas Blueprint Course (aka master course) and replicate it for other sections. Blueprint courses help coordinators and faculty save time in building content, sharing common content across multiple sections, retaining learning outcomes and comparing assessment information across multiple sections for accreditation purposes. An online meeting with the Canvas team regarding blueprint courses is being planned.  More details about the meeting will be posted here.

Publisher Material and Third-Party Applications

Connection to publisher content will be set-up.  We will be doing outreach in July to understand what you need regarding specific publisher content.  Third-party applications, such as Turnitin and Zoom, will be available in Canvas.

Support for the Start of Classes

All faculty and students will have access to 24 x 7 support for Canvas questions.   Faculty will still be able to connect with staff during the normal working hours.

Support for Fall 2020 courses

In order to assist faculty teaching in the fall, we are providing extra support for course building.  If faculty want to focus their efforts on building their pedagogy, we will build your content in Canvas for you.  Specifics about this process will be communicated within each Track.

Student Orientation

Students will receive information, access to an orientation course, and an overview video at the end of July about Canvas.

Blackboard Organizations/Community Sites

The current organizations/community sites in Blackboard will remain in available for Fall 2020.

Canvas App

The Canvas mobile app for will be available in August for students and faculty.

Need Help or Have Questions?

If you have any questions about using Canvas or any technical issues logging in, please send an email to