Pre-record lectures and videos for students that can be uploaded to your Blackboard courses. 

Video Quizzing now supports True/False, Reflection Point and Open-Ended Questions. Instructors can also set the video so students cannot seek ahead in the video for answers to quiz questions.

Kaltura User Guides (PDFs)


  1. Open up web browser and navigate the following web address: http://blackboard.newhaven.edu
  2. Enter your username (example: jsmith)
  3. Enter your password (same password you use to access your University e-mail account. Please note, passwords are case-sensitive)
  4. Click Ok to log onto the site
  5. Click user Login.
  6. Click Kaltura in the top menu in the blue space

Either disable pop-up blocking or add https://blackboard.newhaven.edu to the list of allowed sites as pop-up blocking will affect Blackboard’s functionality.

Using Kaltura

    1. Click on the Add New button and select Record a Presentation.
    2. When using the application for the first time you may be prompted by the browser to approve the application. Each browser may prompt you with a unique message.
      The following screen shows the External Protocol Request window as it appears when using Chrome.

    Click Kaltura Capture to open the desktop recorder

    3. You will be taken to a screen through blackboard that states the recorder will launch automatically if already downloaded. Please click to download Kaltura for Windows or Mac.

    Click to download either Mac or windows

    4. After the Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder downloads, click Install.

    If using a Mac, drag the Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder application to the applications folder.

    Drag Kaltura Capture to applications

    You will receive the following message when installation completes.

    Please launch Kaltura Capture from the

    5. Click OK and return to Kaltura MediaSpace.

    1. Select Add New and click to Record a Presentation to begin using Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder.


  • Kaltura integrates with Blackboard, which allows your content (and your students’ questions and comments) to remain private. 
  • Keep your videos short, 5-10 minutes at the most.
  • Use a headset or earbuds, or a stand-alone microphone, to increase sound quality.
  • Some instructors draft scripts before recording. If you do draft a script, consider providing it to the students as a supplement.
  • Students don’t generally mind if the production values aren’t perfect! If you occasionally say “um” or repeat a word, don’t feel you need to re-record.

Need Help or Have Questions?

If you have any questions about using Kaltura or any technical issues logging in, please send an email to amacdougall@newhaven.edu.