Office 365 Email Attachment Delivery Instructions

Office 365 email security features protect users from delivery of infected files. To ensure the delivery of files that are not infected they may require the file type extension to be renamed or an alternative file sharing option should be used.

To share a file using OneDrive

All university users have access to Microsoft’s One Drive which provides 1TB of Cloud storage. Files or Folders may be shared to other users directly from OneDrive

1. To access your OneDrive login to Office 365 through the myCharger icon

click letter icon

2. Once in 365 select the OneDrive icon

click OneDrive icon

3. Right Click on the file or Folder you wish to share and select from the menu “Share”

4. Change the level of access with the drop down option “specific people” and enter the email address of the users and any additional information to go with the message

5. Select Copy Link to copy a direct link url to the share or select Outlook to send a new message with the information automatically entered

6. Once the file is shared it will show “Shared” under the Sharing list for the file in One Drive. To stop sharing highlight the shard item and select “Manage access” on the far right.

To Change a file extension name and email as attachment

To change the extension of a file name (see list of blocked files above) to allow it to be emailed as an attachment please follow these steps:

1. Open the file

2. Go to Save As

3. Select under the Save as type and change to docx

    • Please note this should remove any macros in the document
screen shot of file name