Roku setup instructions:

For a new unused Roku please follow all steps. If your Roku was previously setup you can navigate to your network settings menu and proceed from step 3

  1. Plug in Roku and let it boot to the initial language option screen.
  2. Select your language and continue
  3. The next screen should display wireless networks to choose, please choose “ChargerGuest”.
    1. *Please note if “ChargerGuest” does not appear you may need to select “Scan again to see all networks”.
  4. The connection will fail initially, this is normal. Depending on your Roku OS version you may receive one of two error messages:
    1. If you receive the message “Unable to Connect”. Click “OK” to go back to wireless option screen.
    2. If you receive a prompt to select “I am at a hotel or college dorm” or “I am at home”. Please select “I am at home”. Then click “OK” on the next screen. *For our network design clicking the first option will lead to incorrect device registration.
  5. In the wireless networks list scroll to “Private network”, but do not click on it. Make note of the Wireless MAC address.
  6. Power down your Roku.
  7. Go to and login with your university credentials.
  8. Click “Create” at the top to bring up the registration form.
  9. Fill out the form fully and submit.
    1. Please make note of the 15-minute wait after registration to power on the Roku.
  10. Power on your Roku
  11. Select “ChargerGuest” from the wireless networks
  12. Your Roku should now connect to “ChargerGuest” and begin updating.
  13. You can now finish the setup of your Roku.


*Please note if you selected “I am in a hotel or college dorm” from the menu and proceeded to follow the directions by Roku, you have setup your device incorrectly. This setup will require you to resign in every time the Roku goes to sleep. If you are experiencing this issue, please contact the Student Technical Support Help Desk.

**If you are having any issues with registering your device after 2-3 attempts, please do not keep trying. Please contact Student Technical Support for assistance. Most problems are a quick fix and we can have it setup for you in no time.

***If you are having problems with your wireless signal, reception or live TV streaming through Xfinity. Please visit our supported devices page to see if you are using outdated Roku device.