Student Support

Canvas Homescreen

 When you login to the Canvas system, you will see this screen. The dashboard is the first screen you will see. Your courses are displayed here. Other tabs that are relevant to students are below.

This lists all the courses you are enrolled in (courses older than one year may not be shown).

This lists all your due dates for your current courses. You can also add your own information into the calendar.

Your inbox is where communication to you from your professors can be found. You can compose your own message to your instructors here as well.

Here you can edit your notification preferences, your settings and your profile (add a little information about yourself).

Course Navigation

Clicking on one of your courses will take you to the course’s home page screen. The home screen has modules for different helpful tools related to the course. The “My Announcements” module shows any announcements that the professor has posted.  If any tasks, assignments, or calendar events have been set up, those will display as well.  The course menu on the left is where you would go to see anything that the professor has posted and to submit any online assignments and take any quizzes/tests.  The amount of information available in the course depends on each professor’s individual preferences for teaching the course.