Student Support

Submitting Assignments

Blackboard allows students the ability to submit assignments electronically to their professor.  This is especially useful for online classes that do not meet.  To submit an assignment, click on “Assignments” on the course menu on the left side (Note: some professors may title it different as you can see below labelled “Course Content”).

Image of Blackboard, course page with a circle around Assignments-Tests on the Left Hand Navigation Menu

To submit an assignment, click on the assignment title (eg. Campaign Economics Essay).  This will take to the “Submit Assignment” page.

Screen-shot of assignment submission page

Once on this page, you can either paste the assignment into the text box or attach the file (preferred method for most professors).  To attach a file, click on “Browse My Computer” to locate and select your file from your computer.  If you accidentally clicked on the wrong file, click on “do not attach” next to the file to remove it.

When you are finished, click “Submit” (blue button).  When submitted successfully, you will see a page that says “Assignment is Complete” in a green bar at the top of page.  The assignment information as well as the file name of the attachment are displayed.  See below:

Review Submission History

Clicking “OK” will take you back to the course’s assignment section.

Adding Discussion Threads

(For larger views of all the images on this page, right click on the image and click “View Image”)

As a requirement of some courses, professors set up Discussion Topics for students to answer or respond to.  This encourages participation between students and furthers educational growth on a topic through discussion.  By clicking on the “Discussions” section under the Course Navigation tab on the left, you are in the “Discussions” section where you can create threads and/or respond to posts by the professor and/or other classmates.

Screen shot of discussion thread on blackboard

These are forums.  They are the main “umbrella” subject.  Clicking on the forum of interest will lead you to the section where you can create threads and respond to posts.

Once you click on the forum of interest, the available threads are posted are listed.  In this example, every thread related to the subject “Election 2012” is listed here.

Screen-shot of threads in a blackboard forum

Clicking the “Create Thread” button (in blue) will create a new thread.  Clicking on a thread title will go to that threads page.  See below:

Thread detail on forums on blackboard

This page shows the thread “How important are elections?” and its corresponding replies.  You can click on any reply to view the text.  You may also write a response to any of the posts.  To reply, click on the text you wish to reply to and click “Reply” (blue button).  You will go to to the “Reply to Post” page. See below:

Write your response in the text box.  If it is necessary to attach a file, click “Browse My Computer” to select the file you wish to attach.  When you have finished, click “Submit” (blue button).

Professors will dictate how they want the forums and threads to be used.  Some professors want students to reply to threads while some want students to create threads.  Other professors want students replying to other students’ responses.  It to the discretion of the professor how s/he chooses to run the discussion board.  Talk with your professor and/or consult the course syllabus for course specific guidelines.