About Canvas

Canvas is a virtual learning environment and online course management tool.  Incorporating Canvas into the course provides students with multiple avenues of knowledge which further enrich their education and learning.

Basic Navigation

Here you can learn about Canvas, including the home screen, the tabs that are available to you, and general course navigation.

Solving Login Issues

This is where you can find out the best and fastest ways to get into Canvas, and who to contact when you can't.

Taking Tests/Quizzes

If you have any concerns about how to take or submit a test or quiz, we have a step by step tutorial on how to do so.

Assignments & Discussion Threads

Canvas allows students to submit assignments electronically to their professor. Learn more here.

Get the Canvas App

We're putting learning directly in the hands of the students, so you can stay connected with your educational journey anytime, anywhere.


One credential (card or mobile) lets students eat at the dining hall, purchase books and gear, do laundry, get prints & copies, and even pay for a pizza off campus—without cash!

Download the Canvas Mobile App

Click here to learn how to download and sign into the Canvas mobile application on your phone.

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